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- hOw can I reserve my items?

When you’ve found “the one,” you want to lock things down as quickly as possible. And to ensure you receive all of the items on your Top Tier wishlist, we recommend moving just as fast.

After receiving your quote and deciding to move forward with us, it’s best to pay your 50% deposit immediately to reserve your items. This is important, so it’s worth reiterating: Your items will not be considered reserved until the contract is signed and your deposit has been submitted. Payment in full is due no later than 3 business days prior to the delivery date of your order.

From there, all that’s left to do is party!

+ Why are there more rental pieces included on my quote than the number I indicated?

No worries—it’s not a typo, and we’re not trying to sneak in any extras. Certain pieces in our inventory are only available in round quantities. For example:

-We rent our glassware in specific crate sizes. Even if you only need 25 champagne glasses, you must rent a minimum of 36 (1 crate).
-We sell our flatware in packs of 10. If you need 15 forks, you must rent a minimum of 20 (2 packs).

+ Can I change my rental order after placing it?

There’s nothing like waking up in the middle of the night and realizing that your tablescape calls for gold chargers—not silver! If and when you need to adjust your rental order, we’re here for you. Here’s how it works:

-Changes can be made up to one week prior to your event date.
-Additions can be made to existing orders up until 72 hours prior to the event date.
-Changes made within the week are subject to an additional fee of $150.

To ensure there are no surprises when payment is due, our software will automatically send an updated version of your contract for signature each time an adjustment is made. You must sign and accept the changes in order to secure your order.

+ Are your rentals available outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area?

While we’re based in Dallas, our rentals have traveled everywhere from Jackson Hole to Santa Fe. We’ll go wherever the party’s at, and we’re happy to discuss long-distance deliveries for events taking place out-of-state and abroad. Please send an email to info@top-tiereventrentals.com with an overview of your event details and one of our sales specialists will be in touch. If you would prefer to connect by phone, you can reach us by calling 214-819-4556.

+ Is delivery required, or can I pick up my rentals from your warehouse and transport them to the venue myself?
You’ve already got so much on your plate. We’d love to handle the heavy lifting for you! If you’re committed to the idea of self-transport, we do offer the option to pick up rental orders from our warehouse on occasion—however, this scenario is subject to a case-by-case evaluation. Please get in touch with our team by emailing info@top-tiereventrentals.com or calling 214-819-4556 to review your specific event details.
+ What are the fees associated with rental delivery and post-event strike?

So glad you asked—we’re all about clarity when it comes to our fee structure, and we never want a final bill to come as a surprise.

-Our delivery pricing is calculated by mileage and delivery timeframe. We ask for a 4-hour delivery window, which means we can arrive any time up until the end of that window. Pinpoint deliveries are subject to additional fees, which we’ll always discuss with you in advance.

-Late night strike fees start at $175 if the strike is after 8 pm. If the venue allows it, we do offer strikes the next available day during our business hours of 10 am-6 pm with no additional charge.

-Sunday and after-hours deliveries and strikes are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and may require an additional fee. Your rental contract will include terms and conditions applicable to your specific situation, and of course you’re always welcome to contact us with any questions!

+ What should I do after receiving my rental items?
A happy dance, because the beautiful pieces you spent so much time selecting have finally arrived! Next, we recommend checking your order for accuracy, doing a quick examination of all rented items, and reviewing the inventory count with your driver if you have any concerns. In order to best assist you, Top Tier must be notified within 30 minutes of delivery if any rental items are defective or in non-working order.
+ Am I required to wash the rentals after my event?

While a *complete wash isn’t necessary, if you have not opted to hire a scullery rep, we do request that you remove any food or liquid residue from the items before repacking them in the provided crates and containers. As long as you’ve given your rentals a cursory wipe down, our dedicated team will take care of deep cleaning our inventory and preparing each item for future use.

*One exception is our Rondo flatware pieces, which we do require to be fully washed.

+ What is the policy for missing or damaged items?

When a “cheers” turns into a chip during a champagne toast, our damage waiver has you covered. Our damage waiver is optional and non-refundable, and covers normal wear and tear such as stained linens, broken items, and scratched pieces. The damage waiver does not cover items that are missing or orders that incur significant amounts of irreparable damage. Please note that Top Tier reserves the right to add fees for extensive damages, missing or broken items, and/or additional labor charges if care instructions and delivery/pickup requirements are disregarded.

+ I used Top Tier for an event a few years ago. Will I have the same pricing?

Welcome back! Nothing makes us happier than serving a returning customer, and we’re excited for you to see the new items in our inventory. Due to the nature of our business, pricing is subject to change, and we cannot guarantee pricing for future events or “price match” contracts from previous years. To secure the most up-to-date pricing, we recommend confirming your rentals as soon as possible by signing your contract and paying your deposit. This will lock in your rental pieces and ensure that you receive the best possible pricing for your event!

+ Top Tier is staffing my event. Can they bring my rentals?

Although Top Tier Event Rentals and Top Tier Staffing share a commitment to excellence and work synergistically, they operate independently. As such, members from each team will arrive and depart at different times, and Top Tier staff cannot strike rentals from events. If you have any questions regarding the coordination of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing info@top-tiereventrentals.com or calling 214-819-4556.

+ What should I expect from my Top Tier event staff?

When your event staff arrives, they will park within a few blocks of your event location to avoid taking up prime spaces for guests. They will arrive in uniform and deliver on our promise of superior service throughout your event.

We do not expect clients to provide food for our staff. In fact, for your protection and ours, our staff is instructed not to take anything home that they didn’t bring to the event, including flowers, decor, or any other items—even if you insist.

Speaking of protection: We have liability insurance for our staff, giving you peace of mind in case of any unexpected incidents.

Bottom line? You can expect our thoroughly trained and vetted staff to serve with discretion and enhance the overall enjoyment of your event—not detract from it.

+ How much should I tip my event staff?

Your Top Tier staff will be grateful to receive whatever tip you feel is appropriate based on their performance and the level of service provided. To avoid any misunderstanding, if you do choose to recognize their service, it is best to tip each staff member directly at the end of the evening rather than adding an additional amount to your invoice.

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